"DAE BRNS-IANCAS WORKSHOP : Radiochemistry and Applications of Radioisotopes
October 20-22, 2016.2017"

IANCAS Publications

  IANCAS Publications

Thematic Bulletins


Fundamentals of Radiochemistry
D.D. Sood

A.V.R. Reddy
and N. Ramamoorthy

4th Edition




Frontiers in Nuclear Chemistry

D.D. Sood
A.V.R. Reddy
and P.K. Pujari



Nuclear Materials

D.D. Sood
(Translated to Hindi by S. Saxena)



Experiments in Radiochemistry
D.D. Sood
S.B. Manohar
A.V.R. Reddy



Physico-Chemical data of Actinides

V.K. Manchanda
A. Bhattacharya


Nuclear data of Actinides and Transactinides

K. Sudarshan
R. Tripathi
A.V.R. Reddy