"DAE BRNS-IANCAS WORKSHOP : Radiochemistry and Applications of Radioisotopes
October 20-22, 2016.2017"

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IANCAS brings out a quarterly bulletin containing popular and specialised articles and recent highlights by experts in nuclear and radiochemistry. Since 1994 each of these bulletins focuses on specific theme relevant to nuclear and radio chemists.In the following is a list of the thematic bulletins published so far. Some of them are downloadable.

Sr. No Volume Year Title Guest Editor Editor
35. V(2)) 2006 Non Fossil Fuel Based Energy Options in India S.G.Markandeya G.A. Rama Rao
36. V(3) 2006 Membrane Sceience & Technology Current Trends B.M.Misra B.S.Tomar
37. V(4) 2006 Computational chemistry Swapan K.Ghosh B.S.Tomar
38. V(1) 2007 Nobel Prize Winning Discoveries in Nuclear Sciences B.S.Tomar B.S.Tomar
39. VI(2) April 2007 Nanoscience and Nanotechnology S.K.Gupta B.S.Tomar
40. VI(3) October 2007 Georepositories R.K.Bajpai B.S.Tomar
41. VI (4) October 2007 Isotope Applications in Agriculture S.F.D’Souza B.S. Tomar
42. VII (1) Jan 2008 Modern Techniques in Material Characterization G.K.Dey B.S.Tomar
43. VII (2) April 2008 Water Chemistry in Nuclear Reactor S. Velmurugan B.S.Tomar
44. VII (3) July 2008 Chemical Characterization of Nuclear Fuels S.K.Kukerjee B.S.Tomar
45. VII (4) October 2008 Exotic Nuclear Decays Ashok Goswami B.S.Tomar
46. VIII (1) January 2009 Thermophysical Properties of Nuclear Fuels Dr. T.R.G. Kutty Shri R.V. Kamat
47. VIII (2) Shri R.V. Kamat


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